Yamaha High-Engine Motor Type

GWRRA-REGIONA – Talking related to bikers, it seems that the topic of Yamaha big motorbikes has indeed become a topic that is quite interesting for us to review. Because the manufacturer of the tuning fork logo always always presents a variety of new motorbike products with superior specifications, including some high-engine motorcycles made. So, it is not surprising that the price of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles has become a topic that is quite sought after by fans as a material consideration before buying it. Not without reason considering that Yamaha has several motors that use large capacity machines. In fact, in Indonesia itself the price of high-engine motorbikes Japanese manufacturers are very expensive. Find the best online gambling agent you can find at https://arenasbobet.biz/. Because potential customers can spend more than 500 Million Rupiah to get a series of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles. In addition, Yamaha also provides several high-engine motorcycles that use smaller capacity engines which will certainly make the price of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles increasingly diverse.

On the other hand, the price of Yamaha’s own high-engine motorcycles is priced at an average that is quite expensive. Naturally, generally some high-engine motorcycles here target the premium class segment with superior specifications and features. Some of the big motorcycle models made by Yamaha are also targeting different types of segmentation, ranging from full fairing sport motorbikes to adventure motorcycles or big bikes. Although different segments, the price of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles is always able to attract the attention of consumers even if just just looking around. Of course it can not be separated from the advantages of each high-engine motorbike made by this Japanese factory. Well, no need to linger, below Mas Sena will present complete information about the list of the prices of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles that are sold in the global automotive market. Come on, let’s see the review!

In the list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles at the top, there is the Yamaha R1M which has become one of the mainstay sport bikes. How come? This model is presented by carrying the concept of high-engine motorbike sport style full fairing motorbike style MotoGP. In fact, the body design also looks so futuristic with a very striking aerodynamic concept. Meanwhile, the kitchen spur itself is equipped with a reliable 4-cylinder engine that has a capacity of up to 998 cc. So, do not be surprised if the Yamaha R1 high-engine motor is capable of spraying very fierce power and maximum peak torque. Meanwhile, the list of high-engine Yamaha Yamaha R1M motorcycles is at Rp 812 million. On the other hand, the price list of other Yamaha high-engine motorcycles which is quite interesting is the official tag of the Yamaha R1. Because the full fairing motorbike has a price tag that is more affordable or 200 million cheaper than the Yamaha R1M. Meanwhile, the engine itself relies on the DOHC 4-cylinder type with a capacity of 998 cc which is sure to be able to spit out a maximum power of 147.1 kW (200.0PS) @ 13,500 rpm and torque of 112.4 Nm (11.5) kg-m @ 11,500 rpm. Well, to list the price of this Yamaha R1 high-engine motor, priced at Rp. 605 million.

In Indonesia, the Yamaha R6 has become one of the sport motorbikes included in the Yamaha high-engine motorbike price list category. Where, this full fairing motor sport was designed with a very elegant and very sporty design style. Not without reason considering that this motorbike is targeting the premium segment with the provision of very reliable and qualified specifications. From the space sector itself, it is known that the Yamaha R6 will carry a 4 cylinder Cylinder engine with a capacity of 559 cc with a maximum power of 123.7 PS at 14,500 rpm and torque of 65.7 Nm at 10,500 rpm. Its performance is comparable to the Yamaha R6 high-engine motorbike price list which is priced at Rp. 270 million. If you are interested in having a high-engine motor with the type above, then you must know how to get the lowest price for the type of motor of your dreams.

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200-250cc Engine Motor Variant

GWRRA-REGIONA – You can find out more about the variations of 200-250cc motorized motorcycles that you can make as a reference to see the advantages of each variant. Here is a list of 200-250cc motorized engine variants to choose from;

  1. Honda Cbr250r And Cbr250rr

    In 2011, Honda released the CBR250R model which had an injection engine. At that time, the motorbike carrying the 249cc engine capacity was provided by CBU by Astra Honda Motor (AHM), as the official supplier of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. The CBR 250R underwent a total change in appearance in 2014, namely adopting a dual light model. But the motor for Rp.46.8 – 55.2 million did not seem able to tackle the might of Kawasaki who had more experience playing in the sports segment for trade lines in Indonesia. The single cylinder 250cc engine did not sell well when applied to the CBR 250R. It turns out that in the view of Kenji Kawai, Large Project Leader of the Honda Motorcycle R&D Center, Japan, Indonesians prefer the crisp roar of a double cylinder engine, because in appearance it will be more supportive. Various advanced technologies are embedded in the sport motorbike produced at Honda’s factory in Karawang, West Java, including the Ride By Wire Throttle System gas twisting technology. AHM Marketing Director, Margono Tanuwijaya, said that there are two types to be marketed, namely the standard type and the ABS type. The price is in the range of IDR 63 to IDR 68 million for the standard type, and IDR 64 to IDR 74 million for the ABS type.
  2. Yamaha R25, MT25, and XMax scooter

    Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (YIMM) presents a range of motorcycles with 250cc engine capacity locally made which have been exported to several countries, ranging from sports fairing models, streetfighter, to scooter. The first model, the Yamaha YZF-R25 was officially introduced in Indonesia in May 2014. The motorbike carrying the DOHC two-cylinder injection engine is capable of producing an output power of 36 hp. What distinguishes MT-25 and R25 products is the physical appearance. As mentioned above that the pure R25 carries a sport fairing motorbike model, while the MT-25 further emphasizes the naked bike character. YIMM released the R25 model with a tag of Rp53 million, for the standard type. Meanwhile, to bring the ABS type, funds that must be prepared are Rp59 million. And lately the connoisseurs of scooter motorcycles in Indonesia were shocked by YIMM’s efforts to produce locally, the next generation of Max’s family. After NMax is selling well brought by motorists in Indonesia, YIMM is now preparing XMax which is a scooter with a 250cc engine capacity. Although he confirmed that he was preparing a 250 cc scooter, YIMM’s GM Marketing Assistant, Mohammad Masykur, did not want to talk much.
  3. Suzuki Inazuma And Burgman 200

    Suzuki only issued one type of 250cc motorbike in Indonesia, namely Inazuma, which has been present since August 2012. The dual exhaust motor is targeting the touring enthusiasts, because it comes with a cruiser model. With a sport touring motorbike scheme, As described by Okezone, the designs of the futuristic and aggressive headlamps make this motorbike look tough and powerful. Inazuma is equipped with a 250 cc two-cylinder injection engine, which is rumored to be capable of producing 24 PS of power at 8,500 rpm and 22 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. The mechanical heart is juxtaposed with a six-speed transmission. SIS released Inzuma at a price of Rp.49.5 million, OTR Jakarta.

Meanwhile, in other products, SIS is targeting the scooter class with a 200 cc engine capacity by bringing the Burgman 200 into their Big Bike category. With a weight of 161 kg, this motor has a single cylinder SOHC injection heart pacemaker. No wonder this motorbike has not been much on the streets of Indonesia, given the high price, which is priced at Rp57.2 million. The price is quite expensive for the automatic motorbike type of 200 cc, even double the price of the Yamaha NMax (155 cc scooter, 45 cc difference) which is only Rp23.5 Million.

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Price List For Yamaha High-Engine Motorcycles

GWRRA-REGIONA – As we all know, Yamaha is one of the automotive companies from Japan which has various types of motorcycles. All Yamaha-made products are always of high quality, as are high-engine motorcycles marketed in Indonesia. Unfortunately the price of Yamah’s high-engine motorbikes is very expensive, because Masbro has to spend more than 200 Million Rupiah to buy one of them. Yamaha not only provides high-cylinder 4-cylinder motorized engines, but also high-cylinder 3-cylinder motors which are claimed to have greater torque than 4-cylinder motorcycles. An example is the Yamaha MT-09 which uses a 3 cylinder engine with a capacity of 847cc. Thanks to the engine, this Yamaha high-engine motor is capable of releasing torque reaching 87.5 NM. In addition, Yamaha also provides high fairing motorized motorcycles that adopt MotoGP technology, namely R1M and R1. Both become the most expensive Yamaha high-engine motorcycles in Indonesia, so don’t be surprised if the prices are exorbitant. Now to find out how much the price of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, please see below.

In the price list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, there is a model named Yamaha MT-09. Where, this one model is targeting the big bike segment that is suitable to drive for adventure. Big bike made by Yamaha is carrying a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 847 cc. The engine offers a very large torque that can reach 87.5 Nm which can be achieved at 8,500 rpm. While the maximum power reaches 115 PS at 10,000 rpm. Not only that, the Yamaha MT09 model also has a cool design that adopts the modern street fighter concept. Meanwhile, the price list of Yamaha MT-09 high-engine motorcycles. This motorbike will be priced at only Rp. 250 million. Then, there is a model named Yamaha MT-09 Tracker itself is a pro version of MT-09. Where, in the price list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, the pro version is priced with a nominal number that is far more expensive than the standard version. Naturally, if the price is more expensive considering the Yamaha MT-09 Tracker model is deliberately presented as an adventure motorbike that is more comfortable to drive when adventuring. Yamaha also complete it with a 3 cylinder engine with a capacity of 847 cc that can be relied upon when accelerating. Well, for the price itself, in the list of high-motorized Yamaha motorcycles, it is noted that this model is priced at Rp 325 million.

In addition, do not forget also that in the record price list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, Yamaha MT-10 models seem to be the type of street fighter that is quite popular with fans. It certainly cannot be separated from the provision of specifications and design style that is very sturdy, sporty, and muscular. Where, this time the Yamaha MT-10 type itself will be equipped with a 998 cc DOHC engine capable of spraying power up to 118.0 kW (160.4PS) @ 11,500 rpm and peak torque of 111.0 Nm (11.3 kg-m) @ 9,000 rpm. While on the other hand, for the price of Yamaha MT-10 high-engine motorbikes themselves are estimated to be in the range of Rp 200 million. Different from some of the previous models, the Yamaha TMAX DX model has become a premium scooter in the list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles. Not just an alibi, considering that this model was designed as one of the highest class scooters with a very sporty and big-looking design. In fact, in terms of spur kitchen was very reliable by relying on a 2 cylinder engine with a capacity of 530 cc. This Maxi scooter also features Cruise Control with D-MODE which can be used to adjust the power of the 530cc 2-cylinder engine. In addition, this Yamaha high-engine motor features Traction Control System (TCS) and ABS braking system. So, it is natural that the list of high-engine motorcycles Yamaha TMAX DX is predicted to be at Rp. 100 – 200 million. Pretty expensive right?.

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200-250CC Engined Motor Becomes The Target Of Motorcycle Lovers

GWRRA-Regiona – 200-250cc motorized engines are often used as targets by new motorbikes who want to “go up in class”. Usually they start motorized with a low cc, then move to a 150cc engine motor sport and then to the class above. For motorists who want to “grade” 200-250cc, here are a number of motorbikes from various brands and variants that can be weighed to have.

  1. Kawasaki Ninja And Z Series

    This Japanese factory arguably offers the most 250cc motorbike choices on the local market. Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) is also arguably the first Brand Holder Agent (APM) to officially import this quarter-liter motor sport class to Indonesia. Currently there are two main choices for those of you who want to try out a Kawasaki 250cc motorbike, which are single and double cylinder engines. For the single cylinder, there is the Ninja RR Mono, which has been circulating since February 2014, and the naked version of the Z250SL was released in May 2014. Both use the 249 cc injection engine, DOHC with a maximum power of 28 hp. At present both of them are the mainstay of KMI sales in Indonesia to replace the 150cc Ninja RR 2-stroke motorbike which is no longer being produced. The Mono RR is aimed at sports motor fans while the Z250SL is aimed at everyday users who need agile and aggressive motors. KMI sold this motorbike at the most expensive price of Rp.47.8 million, and the lowest at Rp.41.5 million. For fans of two-cylinder motorcycles, there is the sport style Ninja 250 and the Z250 which is a naked version for urban users, as the blogger Iwan Banaran explained.
    This type of sport fairing motorbike had undergone an engine transformation from carbuator to injection in 2012. Now, with 249cc engine specifications, 2 cylinders, DOHC, this motorbike is said to be capable of running at 32 horse power equivalent.
    Ninja 250 is sold in the price range of IDR58.8-69.4 million OTR Jakarta, while the Z series is priced at IDR53.4 million for the standard type, and IDR59.4 for the type that is equipped with ABS type brakes.
  2. Kawasaki Pulsar 200ns

    This product is a partnership between Kawasaki and vehicle manufacturers from India, Bajaj Auto Limited (BAL). BAL had previously planted its own business in Indonesia, through Pulsar 135, 180 and 220 products. However, over time, since the end of 2013 the Hindustan country name finally decided to entrust their trade to KMI. However, this joint venture does not seem to benefit both parties. Automotive Kompas reportedly, differences in marketing strategies are thought to be the cause of the breakdown in the relationship between KMI and BAL. Pulsar 200 NS with a price tag of Rp23.9 million, which is included in a different product segment focused on KMI, which mostly markets premium motorcycles. In fact, in June KMI cut this price up to Rp. 15 million to spend the stock of motorcycle products that still use this carburetor engine. However, we consider this model to be your choice for those who want to experience the character of streetfighter motorcycles, but at an affordable price.
  3. Kawasaki D-TrackerX and KLX 250S

    The KMI quarter-liter motor segment is finally equipped with a range of off-road motorcycle products intended for those of you who want to feel the sensation of motorized adventure on extreme terrain. D-Tracker X and KLX 250S look similar, even equipped with a similar engine, namely a 249cc carburetor engine, DOHC single cylinder, 6 speed. But the uses are clearly different. D-Tracker X is more positioned itself as an all-terrain motor, which can go aggressively on the asphalt, but is also able to compromise on gravel (rocky and sandy). Meanwhile the pure KLX model is intended for extreme terrain. This can be seen from the contours of the tire that is messy and prominent. KMI released the D-Tracker X for Rp.63.4 million, while for the KLX 250S model, it costs more than Rp.66.6 million.
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