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GWRRA-REGIONA – As we all know, Yamaha is one of the automotive companies from Japan which has various types of motorcycles. All Yamaha-made products are always of high quality, as are high-engine motorcycles marketed in Indonesia. Unfortunately the price of Yamah’s high-engine motorbikes is very expensive, because Masbro has to spend more than 200 Million Rupiah to buy one of them. Yamaha not only provides high-cylinder 4-cylinder motorized engines, but also high-cylinder 3-cylinder motors which are claimed to have greater torque than 4-cylinder motorcycles. An example is the Yamaha MT-09 which uses a 3 cylinder engine with a capacity of 847cc. Thanks to the engine, this Yamaha high-engine motor is capable of releasing torque reaching 87.5 NM. In addition, Yamaha also provides high fairing motorized motorcycles that adopt MotoGP technology, namely R1M and R1. Both become the most expensive Yamaha high-engine motorcycles in Indonesia, so don’t be surprised if the prices are exorbitant. Now to find out how much the price of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, please see below.

In the price list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, there is a model named Yamaha MT-09. Where, this one model is targeting the big bike segment that is suitable to drive for adventure. Big bike made by Yamaha is carrying a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 847 cc. The engine offers a very large torque that can reach 87.5 Nm which can be achieved at 8,500 rpm. While the maximum power reaches 115 PS at 10,000 rpm. Not only that, the Yamaha MT09 model also has a cool design that adopts the modern street fighter concept. Meanwhile, the price list of Yamaha MT-09 high-engine motorcycles. This motorbike will be priced at only Rp. 250 million. Then, there is a model named Yamaha MT-09 Tracker itself is a pro version of MT-09. Where, in the price list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, the pro version is priced with a nominal number that is far more expensive than the standard version. Naturally, if the price is more expensive considering the Yamaha MT-09 Tracker model is deliberately presented as an adventure motorbike that is more comfortable to drive when adventuring. Yamaha also complete it with a 3 cylinder engine with a capacity of 847 cc that can be relied upon when accelerating. Well, for the price itself, in the list of high-motorized Yamaha motorcycles, it is noted that this model is priced at Rp 325 million.

In addition, do not forget also that in the record price list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles, Yamaha MT-10 models seem to be the type of street fighter that is quite popular with fans. It certainly cannot be separated from the provision of specifications and design style that is very sturdy, sporty, and muscular. Where, this time the Yamaha MT-10 type itself will be equipped with a 998 cc DOHC engine capable of spraying power up to 118.0 kW (160.4PS) @ 11,500 rpm and peak torque of 111.0 Nm (11.3 kg-m) @ 9,000 rpm. While on the other hand, for the price of Yamaha MT-10 high-engine motorbikes themselves are estimated to be in the range of Rp 200 million. Different from some of the previous models, the Yamaha TMAX DX model has become a premium scooter in the list of Yamaha high-engine motorcycles. Not just an alibi, considering that this model was designed as one of the highest class scooters with a very sporty and big-looking design. In fact, in terms of spur kitchen was very reliable by relying on a 2 cylinder engine with a capacity of 530 cc. This Maxi scooter also features Cruise Control with D-MODE which can be used to adjust the power of the 530cc 2-cylinder engine. In addition, this Yamaha high-engine motor features Traction Control System (TCS) and ABS braking system. So, it is natural that the list of high-engine motorcycles Yamaha TMAX DX is predicted to be at Rp. 100 – 200 million. Pretty expensive right?.

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