Top Honda Big Motorcycle In 2020

Top Honda Big Motorcycle In 2020

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GWRRA-REGIONA – One of the top brand in indonesia is Honda. This brand produced many kind of motorcycle like matic, and also big motorcycle. As you know that big motorcycle always has a best place in biker’s heart, so if they waste their money to buy big motorcycle is not be a bad thing anymore.

Maybe you will make a collecton of big motorcycle that produced by Honda in this year. In 2020 there many kind of big motorcycle still popular even almost produce before 2020. If you want to know more about most popular Honda big motorcycle in 2020 you may read this article.

Best Honda Big Motorcycle In 2020

There many kind types of big motorcycle from japan like sport touring, super sport, adventure, big bike or cruiser. Not only the types, the price for Honda big motorcycle is also variation from the low till an expensive one. You can buy suit your style.

If you want to buy all of the types or version that will make you waste a lot of money. So, choose the best one to make you easier to prepare your money. This is the best version from Honda big motorcycle in 2020. You can also get the chance to get one of the bikes below by registering with the trusted online slot site joker123 at

  1. Honda CBR1000RR SP

Honda CBR1000RR SP

If you love moto GP too much you can buy this version because the design of this big motorcycle inspired by moto GP series. The look for this big motorcycle is sporty with 4 silinder machine in one line with 999.8 cc, with DOHC technology. The price of this version is idr 575 million.

  1. Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin

This adventure sport version. The design of this big motorcycle is unique one and has a elegant sporty looking with modern style. The machine of this version is 998 cc with DOHC technology. The price of this motorcycle is idr 499 million.

  1. Honda Rebel 500

Honda Rebel 500

For retro style there is a Honda rebel 500 with parallel machine twin engine. Black is the best colour of this big motorcycle with a price idr 147 million. This cheaper than both of big motorcycle before.

  1. Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X

Maybe from the look you can say this is adventure version. The machine has a high capacity with 471 cc DOHC with parallel twin technology. The price is same with before, that is idr 147 million.

  1. Honda CBR500R

Honda CBR500R

This is a best big motorcycle that many people love to choose. Honda CBR500R has sporty style with DOHC parallel twin machine. For the price of this version is 144 million.

  1. Honda CB500F

Honda CB500F

To the street fighter this big motorcycle is the best choice. This version has a modern design with machine capacity 500cc DOHC that placed in parallel twin silinder. This is one of economical big motorcycle type with PGM-FI that can save a gasoline. The price of this big motorcycle is idr 130 million.

If you want to buy a big motorcycle for the first step you must know how style of yourself first. This is will help you if you confused with what do you want to buy. Because a motorcycle will show how you are.

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